The Industry's Most Comprehensive Solutions for Dynamic Range of Motion Assessment

Designed specifically for medical professionals and their assistants, K-HEALTH is a revolutionary, dynamic range of motion (DROM) solution that accurately measures motion of the spine and all of the major joints. The system, which utilizes between 2 to 4 sensors, fuses wireless, 3D technology with intuitive software that automatically compares a patient's motion to normative data provided by the American Medical Association (AMA). The system is ideal for any professional seeking to accurately assess biomechanical motion while saving time and paper work.

Are you a medical professional still using an inclinometer, dual inclinometer or goniometer to measure motion? Most medical professionals know that these tools only measure angles at certain points in the motion, potentially missing critical information that occurs throughout the movement. Only the K-HEALTH Motion System accurately measures and reports the dynamic range of motion through an entire movement or exercise. This system also allows users to more accurately and objectively capture motion data with less patient reorientation. The highly-visual user interface is easy to use and, most importantly, easy to understand. Your patients will love the sleek design of the software and the 3D graphical animation of their movements. K-HEALTH is also the only wireless and mobile system on the market that can measure range of motion in the following areas:

  • All major joints of the body including
    • Cervical Spine
    • Thoracic Spine
    • Lumbar Spine
  • Flexion extension of all major joints
  • Right and left lateral bending of most major joints
  • Rotations of most major joints
  • All major motions for wrist and ankle

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