Maximize Swing Efficiency with the Industry's Most Popular 3D Motion Capture System

General Information

K-VEST is a must-have for today's golf, fitness, and medical professionals who want to improve golf performance and their bottom line. K-VEST TPI 3D is the industry's only all-in-one wireless system that captures a player's "power signature," 3D measurements and video instantaneously. Real-time visual and auditory feedback can then be used to improve movement patterns.

The K-VEST system, with its state-of-the-art technology and turn-key marketing programs, allows professionals to effectively market golf performance services, improve lead generation and retain customers.

Golf Professionals - Measuring Style & Swing Efficiency

K-VEST was designed to make the transition from video to wireless 3D technology very simple and extremely effective for today's teaching professionals. Coaches quickly and objectively diagnose swing faults and utilize real-time feedback to improve player's set-up, backswing, and downswing mechanics. Our software is customizable based on philosophy and a student's physical limitations.

Fitness Professionals

Today's fitness professionals understand the importance of the body's role in creating an efficient golf swing. K-VEST allows fitness professionals to measure swing efficiency, via the kinematic sequence, and then easily communicate how stability and mobility issues are affecting the swing-ultimately demonstrating the value of golf-specific fitness programs.

TPI Certified Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are playing a very important role in helping golfers prevent and eliminate potential golf injuries. From chiropractic care to golf-specific physical therapy programs, K-VEST and the TPI 3D software is proving to be a major advantage in assessing, treating, and reporting performance improvements over a period of time.

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